Your Home Is Important

Home Insurance Williston ND

No place in the world is as precious as your home. Homeowners insurance can help protect its value by helping you choose coverage that fits both your budget and your priorities. You can sleep soundly, knowing your home is protected.

Your homeowners policy can cover:

  • Damages to your home’s physical structure
  • Damages to other structures like garages or sheds
  • Your personal belongings, whether they’re in your home or elsewhere
  • Temporary living expenses in the case your house becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss
  • Your personal liability in the event someone is injured or their property is damaged

We have also written an article telling you how to save money on your home owners insurance.

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Condo Insurance Williston ND

Many condominium owners are unaware of their particular insurance needs. We offer a comprehensive condominium product that specifically covers the unique needs of the condominium owner.

Renter’s Insurance Williston ND

While you are renting, we can cover you in more ways than one.

Your possessions are worth a lot to you. So when you rent an apartment or house, you need insurance that covers you and your belongings in case of an unfortunate event.

To give you the maximum in flexibility and affordability, we provide solid, basic coverage that lets you add more options if you need them. We can give you the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Flood Insurance Williston ND

Why do you need flood insurance for your home?

As a homeowner, condo-owner or renter, you need flood insurance that protects your home and personal possessions. Whether your situation involves low, moderate or high risk for flooding, we can provide this coverage at the level that’s right for you.

Think you’re not at risk? Consider this:

  • Approximately 25 percent of flood insurance claims come from low-risk areas.
  • Six out of ten presidentially declared disasters involve flooding.
  • Flooding occurs in every state and can occur at any time of the year.
  • Federal disaster relief is available only if a federal disaster is declared, which occurs in less than half of all floods. Flood insurance pays for your covered losses, even if a disaster is not federally declared.

If you do not purchase and maintain a flood policy after you have received federal disaster assistance, you will not be eligible for future disaster relief.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Williston ND

Unfortunately, these days anyone can be sued. Fortunately, with Personal Umbrella Insurance, you can mount a powerful defense against the financial burden of personal litigation.

This valuable umbrella protection picks up where your primary personal insurance policies leave off; expanding the liability coverage you may need if a serious accident occurs.

Identity Theft Protection Williston ND

Our ID Restor and ID Fraud Expense insurance packages can help get you and your good name back on their feet after identity theft. You are provided with personal, one-on-one attention to questions or concerns about identity theft, fraud or the safety of your personal information. Out-of-pocket expenses that you may incur responding to an identity theft or fraud, such as lost income due to time off from work that is necessary to talk with credit agencies and legal fees incurred to remove criminal or civil judgments resulting from the fraud can be covered by such a policy.