Life Insurance For Your Family’s Security

Term Life Insurance Williston ND

If you have a family, a home or a business, chances are good you need the financial protection of life insurance.

When do you need it?

  • Your family relies on your paycheck.
  • You’re a stay-at-home parent who provides child care and other valuable family support.
  • You’re an empty nester who wants to provide for a surviving spouse.
  • You want to leave a legacy to loved ones.
  • You’re a business owner who needs a transition plan.

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Term Life Insurance is simple. You pay a premium for a specific number of years up to thirty years. If you die during the turm, the insurance is paid to your beneficiary(ies).

Term life insurance in most cases has the lowest premium in the early years, making it the most affordable life insurance.

If you purchase a $500,000 term life insurance policy for on a 20 year term and you die at any time during those 20 years, your beneficiary receives $500,000. If you are still living at the end of the term, your insurance policy is over unless you can renew the policy. When you renew (assuming your policy has that feature) it will renew at a higher price reflecting your now older age. Some term life insurance policies do offer a return of premium. See section on Return of Premium

We are committed to making it as easy and convenient as possible for you to purchase quality, low-cost term life insurance for you and your family and to helping you make intelligent choices regarding your insurance choices. Simply click on either of the quote requests to the right and explore your options.

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Whole Life Insurance Williston ND

For all the same reasons you would buy Term Life Insurance, a Whole Life Insurance policy protects your family in the event of your death, but can also be used as an investment vehicle for retirement savings!

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